Why We Overeat and How to Stop

Jessica Rydalch

Food is everywhere. We have it at our fingertips, we see it in emails, ads, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for recipes, and more! As the cook in the home, I am surrounded by constant reminders of food.  Which reminds me that I can also eat that food! If we are trying to be more aware of our eating and choose consciously it can be hard with all of the reminders! With the reminders of the access we have to food, our bodies form cravings, and then respond and create the award! This is called classical conditioning.  If we can slow things down just a little bit we will find that there are subconscious thoughts in between the cue and the craving driving our desires! Those thoughts  are simple like, “I want that” or “That looks good!”  In this podcast, we are going to discuss how to catch these sneaky little thoughts to stop overeating and also how to create some space in time before the response. These small practices will not only help us reach our health goals but also help us become more conscious and aware in ALL areas as we strive to become!