Ep 139 – Summit Wrap-Up Part 1 – Let’s Hear it From the Speakers

As coaches, our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact. The Design, Live, Thrive Summit 2 day workshop series was our opportunity for women to learn about how impactful coaching can be. Coaching is transformative!

In today’s episode of the Life Coach Business Building Podcast, I will be joined by 5 of the 16 incredible coaches and speakers from the recently concluded Design Live Thrive Summit. From planning their signature talks to delivering them at the live virtual event, these women will tell us what they learned and what they thought about the whole experience.

Preparing for the signature talks was a substantial amount of work for each of the speakers. Some of the coaches were new in business and wrote their first marketing copy, learned how to use the technology that was needed to make the most of the Summit, and they also spoke in front of many people for the first time.  All of these efforts were made to make sure that the Summit was a great experience for the attendees. (And it was!) We wanted each session to focus on something important that the attendees could remember and use to make change in their lives that day. Based on the feedback we’ve received from speakers already, we give the attendees so many great insights, they loved it!

Join our conversation as we dive deep into the highlights of the Summit and the things that we could have done better to give everyone – the speakers and the audience an amazing Summit experience.

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