Ep 127 – Coaching for High-Achieving Women with Guest Jen Laffin

Coach Jen Laffin shares about her experience of coaching women to find a new identity outside of  their careers and responsibilities for everyone else. You’ll learn more about how the Business Building Boutique has helped her move forward faster in her coaching business. 

In this episode, Business Success + Life Coach Debbie Shadid is talking with High Achieving Coach for Women, Jen Laffin, about the role that life coaching plays in overcoming self-doubt and how she helps other career-driven women put themselves first and find their identities outside their profession. 

Jen shares how she joined the Business Building Boutique Coaching Program (designed especially for coaches) with a desire to get clarity and needed accountability and direction on how to take her coaching business to the next level.  She wanted to stop herself from being in a state of “spinning and confusion.” Through the support provided inside the Business Building Boutique, she was able to escape her confusion and recognize her unique ability as a coach for High Achieving Women. Jen was able to overcome her own self-doubt and is able to fulfill her mission of helping more women.

If you feel like you are also in a state of “spinning and confusion” like Jen, then make sure to listen to the full episode and learn from Jen’s experience! 

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