Ep 126 – Attract Clients with Consistent Targeted Marketing with Guest Kimberly Severson

Kimberly Severson talks about her coaching and shares more about her business breakthroughs as well as some of the things she has learned inside the Business Building Boutique. 

In this episode, Business Success + Life Coach, Debbie Shadid is talking with Advanced Certified Weight Loss & Life Coach, Kimberly Severson about the importance of learning the foundations of marketing to attract the right people to your coaching business.  Kimberly shares about how she started the program with a lack of love for email marketing and social media. But, through the guidance she gained inside the Business Building Boutique, she learned how to comfortably market her business and has grown to enjoy the process of marketing.

She also talks about how she is now able to attract the right people into her coaching business by dialing down on her niche, shifting her business positioning, and clarifying her marketing message so her target market could relate and connect with it.

If you feel like you have done all of the marketing that you can think of and still can’t seem to attract the right clients, take time to listen to this episode and gain insights from Kimberly’s experience! 

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