Episode 022: How Does Our Trauma Affect Our Children and Further Generation? حافظه تاریخی و تروماهای ملت ایران

Did you know we have inherited our ancestors traumas and in turn we transfer our traumas to our children? 

This phenomenon is based on the theory of “epigenetic”

“Epigenetics” studies how our environments including our habits, lifestyle and traumas can change our genetic code. 

Do you remember how much trauma we endured during our upbringing in Iran? 

جنگ٬ کمیته٬ گشت ارشاد٬ ازارهای خیابانی٬ مدرسه to name a few…

Did you know all these traumatic experiences may have integrated in your DNA and affect your mental and physical health? 

How do you feel if I tell you a lot of our depression, anxiety and chronic diseases may be due to the traumas that our ancestors experienced?

And you know Iran has been always the “land of trauma”,-سرزمین تروما زده. 

We were always in the middle of a horrific war or battle. 

That’s why it’s really important to address your traumas. 

Don’t block your traumas, don’t escape from them. 

Accept them and embrace them. 

Coaching is a great tool to show you how to deal with your traumas. 

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