Episode 021: Accept Your Neurodiverse Persian Brain. چگونه مغزنورودایورس خود را بپذیریم؟

On this episode of the podcast, I talk about the "neurodiversity" of  our brain as "immigrant Persian women".

Neurodiversity is a normal is the difference in the human brain in learning, attention, socialization and mood in a non-pathologic concept.

People with neurodiverse brain consist of minorities. Their unique experiences and traumas have shaped their mind pattern. They are wired differently.

In order to grow and achieve our dreams we need to celebrate our neurodiverse brain with all its lows and highs. We need to accept its uniqueness, fragility, sensitivity, isolation, weirdness, beauty and value.

Let's show our neurodiverse brain so much love in the new year.

I decided to have a new year gift for you amazing neurodiverse ladies.

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