Episode 011: Why does our brain constantly hang in the modern era? چرا مغز ما در دنیای معاصر هی قاط می زند

In this episode, I explain how our brain is backfiring on us in modern life.

Our brain's main job has been to protect us to survive as human race through the evolution process. Our brain follows the "motivational triad" as a road map.

The motivational triad consists of:
1) Seeking pleasure
2) Avoiding pain
3) Conserving energy

In modern life surrounded by myriads of "false pleasures", we tend to drown ourselves in the see of pleasures and numb ourselves with overeating, over drinking, binge watching, and shopping to avoid pain. Also we fall in the trap of inactivity and laziness in order to conserve energy.

In this episode, I teach you how processing emotions and opening up to so called "negative emotions" can trick our caveman brain and break the vicious cycle.

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