Episode 010: How to Use Your Negative Emotions to Achieve Your Dreams. چگونه از احساسات منفی ا مون در راه رسیدن به اهدافمون استفاده کنیم

On this episode, I show you how we can use the full spectrum of our emotions in our personal growth and achieving our dreams.

We are told by society that we have to live a forever happy life. The negative emotions are frowned upon. However the fact is we live a 50-50 life, meaning we go through both positive and negative emotions.

Without negative emotions, we won't be able to appreciate positive ones. Most importantly, our growth lies within feeling our negative emotions.

We usually resist, deny or react to our negative emotions.

But we actually need to feel our emotions. Opening ourselves to our emotions in a unique ability. Our emotions are nothing but vibrations in our body and we don't need to be avoiding or resisting them.

Follow these simple steps in order to feel your feelings:
1- Name your 3 feelings NOW
2- Identify the thought behind your feeling
3- Sit, close your eyes and try to explain your feeling in details (where in body you feel it, size, shape, etc)
4- Breath through your feelings

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