Ep 229 Self Care, Intentional Living, Your Future Self and The Importance of Skin Care with Ki Huo, MD and Life Coach

Michelle A Bourque

Today I am sharing a recent conversation with Li Huo a board certified Gynecologist who pivoted to her lifelong passion of running a med spa aesthetics practice.  
She has always loved empowering women in different ways and now devotes her energy to helping women create and maintain a no fuss wallet friendly skincare routine so they can have healthy glowing skin.

Her unbiased opinions and suggestions are backed by scientific medical knowledge, experience, and straight up passion.  She wants every woman to buy skincare products adapt at home methods and facial rejuvenation procedures with confidence and intention you you no longer fall prey too marketing ploys viral videos from influencers and celebrities.

In This Episode: 

* Skincare as selfcare 
* Being intentional with your goals
* Understanding the process of cell turn over process
* The importance of knowing what your are doing in your daily routine
* Needing to be consistent and how to save time 
* It’s never too late and starting today for your future self
* Connect with Li: IG: @coachingwithli, www.coachingwithli.com

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