Understanding Executive Functions – Self-Awareness (This Will Change Everything)

Kristen Carder

We are now five down with one to go in my executive function series. Part 5 is on self-awareness – the ability to reflect, evaluate and ponder your thinking patterns. 

This executive function, also known as metacognition, is closely influenced by emotional regulation and working memory. 

For ADHDers, self-awareness can be a very uncomfortable thing to do and it might bring up a lot of shame and guilt. That’s why I offer six super helpful tips to implement that will create a safer space for you to examine your way of thinking and make a game plan for positive change.

There is a significant shift within my group coaching program FOCUSED. I’m now offering the emotional regulation course in the first batch of courses now for all new participants! This is truly the foundation of our ability to make changes, and I’m happy to offer this at the beginning now. 

Listen in as I discuss what active mindfulness and compassionate self-reflection look like as we embark on a journey to be more self-aware.

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