How to Accomplish Impossible Goals

Kristen Carder

In the first episode of 2023, I'm chatting with Felicia Broccolo, Director of Operations at I Have ADHD, about impossible goals. This time of year, everyone is setting resolutions — something that can be especially hard for those diagnosed with ADHD.

An impossible goal doesn’t have to be something huge and scary though. It can be as small as finishing work every day when you say you’re going to or waking up at the first alarm without hitting snooze.

The goal itself isn’t often what’s out of reach, it's our mindset about ourselves and negative self-talk that holds us back. The truth is, setting and working towards goals of any size helps us with our emotion management and facing failure head-on.

Because we tend to be our own worst critics, finding a supportive coach and community is super essential to keep positive forces around us that don’t let us self-sabotage ourselves. That's exactly what you get when you become a part of my group coaching program, FOCUSED.

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