ADHD Coaching: Letting Go of Neurotypical Expectations for Ourselves

Kristen Carder

 As an adult with ADHD, I know how hard it can be to fight the way my brain works and spend too much energy shaming myself and wishing I was different. But in Episode 193 of the podcast, I coach three separate, amazing adults dealing with very different life challenges and help them embrace and accept who they are and find ways to live their best lives alongside ADHD.

The first coaching session focuses on how to tackle a new, unstructured career by building in the accountability and framework needed to manage new challenges with patience and gentleness.

The second session deals with parent/child dynamics between spouses where one has a neurotypical brain and the other has ADHD. I coach on how to surf reactionary emotions, take stock of the message of trauma or justified need that your brain is sending you, and how to set appropriate boundaries to protect your autonomy.

Finally, in session three, I support a newly diagnosed ADHDer in accepting their brain’s differences, educating their loved ones on how to accept it, and finding peace amidst all the distractions.

If you loved listening in on these coaching sessions and would like my support for yourself, come join my group coaching program, FOCUSED. You’ll be in great company!

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