Ep #51: Facing the Consequences of Knowing Who You Really Are

There is something that isn’t talked about when it comes to getting aligned and learning who you really are and what you really want:

There are consequences to becoming aware of your truth.

They’re hidden in fear and pressure.

Thoughts like: 

  • “OMG, if I find out what I really want, I’ll have to change everything and blow up my life!!”
  • “What if I find out I don’t want what I have in my life and then don’t want to change it??”
  • “What if I WANT to blow up my life?!?”

Owning your truth is scary and difficult. It takes self-compassion and bravery.

In today’s episode I talk about how to lean into the scary parts of finding out your true desires and identity and how to overcome some of those fears.

I also talk about the things that will change in your life for the better (that you might not realize), no matter what you actually do with the information.

The truth might shock you!

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