Ep #42: Being Yourself IS the Best Marketing with Holly Pendergast

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Join me today with my friend, colleague and Manifestor Human Design Client, Holly Pendergast!

This is a full episode of fun and amazingness!

We chat about:

  • The manifestor wound of being a lot or “too much,” her leading energy, and being as bold as you know you’re here to be
  • You are what sells, NOT the content
  • How learning her human design helped set her free to be herself in a BIG way
  • How integrating deep rest cycles into her life unlocked her creativity in an explosive way
  • Exactly how slowing down to work on resting and receiving increased her income AND her energy
  • Exactly how she learned to trust her energy, even in the energy lows
  • How she was able to detach her value from time spent working or doing
  • We dispel the myths that the more you do, the more you get and that the more you can be “good”, the more you can earn good things in life and how guilt plays a role in keeping you attached to these myths
  • My aha moment of the fact that feeling guilt is optional and why it’s easy to forget that it IS optional
  • Everything gets to be fun
  • Why sustainability is the new future in your business and the world
  • How choosing sustainability in your business creates MORE fun, enjoyment and income
  • We leave you with the very first step in how to get know yourself more

And as always, I always love hearing from you, so if anything resonates or if you have any questions, you can always reach out to me on Instagram or through email right here:

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More about Holly Pendergast

Business Coach who helps you embody your role as a motherfucking CEO.

She helps you develop, ‘An Offer That Sells Itself,’ and teaches you to use your *energy* to market and sell (the fastest way to make big impact and big bucks.)

Her secret is in what she calls the Self-Concept Trifecta, it’s what you learn in her one-to-one coaching program.

When your soulmate clients witness your genius marketing, your success becomes inevitable.

So don’t be surprised when you’re loyal, lurking followers become loyal clients who are yanking out their wallets to pay you every time you come up with a new offer.

Your business will feel like a love fest where you get paid to practice your craft.

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