Ep #40: Your ICONIC Essence with Eyenie, The Technicolor Priestess

In this episode, Eyenie and I talk all things energetics, your unique codes for magique, and what it means to be ICONIC.

We discuss her human design and how she uses it to manifest magic in her business, and exactly how it helped her do her business her way.

She also shares with me exactly how she uses the elements in her work and what they mean for you inside of opening your **Iconic Essence**.

We get really into what desire feels like in the body and why it’s so important to know what that feels like for yourself.

We also talk about why you need to work with your ego and shadows and how it is the exact way into your truest divine expression.

We open portals of truth and activation for your frequency of power.

This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

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Eyenie Schultz, The Technicolor Priestess, is the creator of the ICONIC.Essence framework, a unique process that synergizes personal style + energetics to help her clients become fully self-expressed and embodied from the inside out.

From international artist + visionary Jessica Serran to 7-figure pioneering entrepreneur, Simone Seol, Eyenie’s unconventional approach has led her clients to create logic-defying biz success + magique, cross the multi-million-dollar mark, and become in-demand intergalactic influencers…all on THEIR terms. FUCK YEAH. 

“The magic begins with one #CodedOutfit…”

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