Ep #35: Investment Regret [Live Event Recording]

Last week Melanie did a 3-day Live Event called Safely Invest Using Your Human Design, where she went in-depth on the topics of trusting yourself, how to make decisions using your HD, how to forgive yourself for past investments you regret, and taking an in-depth look at money mindset through the lens of Human Design. 

This episode is the recording of day 3, where Melanie talks about her story of investing $20k in a coach and regretting it. She knows how you feel and where you’re coming from, and she truly believes this is an important conversation to be had. 

You can probably relate to the title of the episode, Investment Regret, because so many of us are sold things that don’t pan out to be what we expected. And as Melanie says, we’ve also been “brainwashed” to question ourselves and our thinking rather than what the coach says. 

Obviously here, we don’t do that. The whole point is to help you trust yourself, create safety for you to do things your way, and learn how to embrace your own messiness, humanness and your shadows as you figure yourself, and your business, out. 

Enjoy this episode. The 3-day Live Event, Safely Invest Using Your Human Design, will soon be available as a mini-course. You’ll be able to sign up and listen to the two first trainings. 

And as always, Melanie always loves hearing from you, so if anything resonates or if you have any questions, you can always reach out to her on Instagram or through email right here:

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