Episode 201: Start Your Day With the End in Mind: Navigating Through the Storm

Yes, life is a little (or a lot) disorienting right now and we are being challenged in new ways.

It is all too easy to focus on everything that is wrong with our current reality and why it shouldn’t be happening. The sooner you stop fighting reality (because let’s be honest you will never win that argument) the easier you will be able to navigate your way through it.

No, we cannot control what is happening out in the world (pandemic) but we can control how we live this day despite what is going on in the world.


  • You can control how you show up today.
  • You can control how you spend your time.
  • You can control how you feel
  • You can control what you choose to focus on.

And in this episode, I teach you one of the most powerful practices I know to help you do just that.

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