Episode 036: Optimizing Musculoskeletal Health w/ Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Margaret Durnan

As a chiropractor, Doctor Margaret Durnan works hard to provide high-quality evidence-based management of musculoskeletal problems as well as advice for healthy living. She approaches rehabilitation through a holistic approach involving nutrition and lifestyle changes. Margaret is a devoted student of the Ido Portal method and has found her training with the method to be game changing in her Chiropractic approach…as well as life changing on a physical and personal level.

In addition to her Chiropractic qualification she holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Chiropractic and is currently studying her Masters in International Public Health through the University of Sydney.

To say I have a lot of love and respect for this woman, is an understatement. She is absolutely a woman who exemplifies grace & grit and I invited her to the show so she could her unique perspective as a chiropractor and generally as someone who goes to great lengths to take great care of herself so she can give her best to the things she cares about.

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3:00: Why Margaret chose Chiropractic medicine.

7:00: Margaret’s first experience with a chiropractor and how it led her into more evolved musculoskeletal care.

13:40: What is chiropractic medicine?

16:30: How Margaret’s work as a chiropractor teaches a client to assume responsibility for their own health. “To be a doctor is to be a teacher.”

20:00: How Margaret’s movement journey with Ido Portal, has helped to shape her as a motion-based chiropractor.

27:45: Making time for motivation.

32:00: Using movement to prime the nervous system and help kids be more successful in school.

34:50: Margarets 3 top tips to improve musculoskeletal health.

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