Episode 024: Staying Committed to Healthy Habits While Traveling

Traveling can be wildly disorienting when it comes to taking care of yourself; you’re away from your kitchen, your workout space and your familiar schedule. Travel demands that you become more creative and flexible to ensure you still give your body, mind and soul what they deserve…your attention. And while it isn’t always easy, with a little pre-planning, it is possible.

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3:00: What I pack when I travel.

4:00: Getting your head straight for travel.

6:45: Things to preplan for your trip.

9:30: Set the non-negotiable.

11:30: Tips for ensuring you have healthy food options at all time.

13:00: Eating out with success.

15:00: Keep Moving!

16:30: Decompress and restore.

17:30: Setting boundaries with permissions.

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