Episode 020: Socializing Healthfully

Maintaining a social life, while trying to get healthier can certainly pose some challenges due to the fact that most social events are based on less than stellar food and lots of alcohol.

If you are really committed to your health, you are going to have be ok with creating some parameters for yourself when you do go out for social occasions. In this episode, Courtney introduces tried and true strategies for navigating your social life while maintaining the standards you have set for your health.

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3:00: What toddler-like rationalization sounds like.

6:00: Defining your why.

8:00: Pre-deciding what success looks like in a social setting.

10:00: Eat before you go

11:55: Don’t show up empty handed.

13:50: How to avoid the comparison game.

16:00: Language matters.

19:20: Lead from the front.

21:00: Strategies for drinking less alcohol.

23:00: The importance of having a strategy for getting back on track if things don’t go according to plan.

26:00: The real deal with cheat days.

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