Episode 016: Moving Out of the (Exercise) Box

The fitness industry has made exercise very, very complicated. So complicated, in fact, that many women I coach have fierce resistance to it, even though they understand the importance of it.

What if the secret to feeling better fast physically, emotionally and mentally wasn’t about the latest and greatest exercise system that the fitness industry has conjured up but rather about moving your body more consistently throughout the day?

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2:00: What children have to teach us about movement.

5:25: How we moved away from movement and into the exercise box.

7:30: Exercise is very small part of the movement landscape.

10:40: How the age of convenience is destroying our physicality.

12:00: Excerpt from Pedram Shojai’s, The Urban Monk

17:00: Revisiting the power of N.E.A.T.

19:30: Ideas to help you move more, without “exercising”.

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