Episode 015: Drink Your Way to Better Health

It is always the little things we take for granted, eh? And yet, it seems to be practicing the little things consistently that lead to BIG gains.

In the age of complex exercise systems and hard to understand dieting tactics, it is easy to lose sight of the easy stuff you can do to gain massive benefit when it comes to your health.

One of the simplest…drink more water!

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2:00: Water is a BIG player in the health story.

5:00: Body composition in terms of water.

6:30: Water and brainpower.

7:00: Asthma and allergies.

7:40: How water affects blood pressure.

8:15: How dehydration affects our ability to detoxify.

9:00: Water and digestive health.

11:30: Water and weight loss.

12:40: How to improve water intake.

19:00: A few pointers on alcohol.

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