Episode 014: The Power of Decision Free Living

You, and nearly every other human being on the planet, are on decision overload.

No kidding…you are making around 35,000 decisions daily which means by lunch time you are probably already in a state of decision fatigue!

You need to be sure you are making the best decisions for your health at a time when you are thinking clearly and have your VALUES governing your decisions NOT hunger, fatigue or someone else’s crisis.

Improving your health should be based on a process and an effective process is NOT a spur of the moment decision or something that is slapped together at 11pm the night before. It is something you PLAN for in advance when your head is clear and your vision is strong.

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2:30: Decision free living defined.

4:00: How decision fatigue can derail the best of intentions.

5:00: Building an effective process for change.

7:30: How pre-planning can help you build new habits.

9:00: Recording current behavior to get clear on how to improve it.

13:00: Take the “guessing” out of the equation.

14:45: Simplifying the process of restoring your health.

16:00: 1% Better

18:00: Choose 1 thing to focus on.

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