Episode 012: The Scoop on Detox with Sara Bradford

Women are hearing a lot these days about the importance of detoxing and cleansing their bodies to optimize health. Unfortunately, many programs are selling aggressive tactics and pushing a lot unnecessary supplements to aid these natural processes. In this episode nutritionist Sara Bradford and I help women better understand your body’s natural detoxing ability and simple measures you can take today to help keep your detoxing systems running efficiently.

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1:20: Meet Sara Bradford: nutritionist, mother and badass online entrepreneur

3:00: What is cleansing?

5:30: Simple measures for helping your body detoxify more efficiently.

11:30: Weight loss and cleansing.

13:00: Sara’s Community Dump Program

19:30: Most damaging substances for the body.

22:00: Less is more.

23:00: The magic of dry brushing, fermented foods and bone broth.

27:00: Ways we can help our kids make healthier choices.

To get in touch with Sara visit: www.nourishrealfood.com

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