Episode 010: Mending Your Relationship with the Scale

The scale evokes intense emotion in most women and it isn’t even a living thing! It is a hunk of metal that is judged, blamed and booted all for giving women a number that simply reflects their relationship to gravity.

Contrary to popular belief, the scale is not telling you about the state of your health, your abilities or your worthiness as a human being.


The scale gives you a very small sliver of insight into your greater health story and, if you are anything like the millions of women who loathe the scale, you try to extract your entire health story (and your worthiness and your possibility) from that tiny bit of information.

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2:00: The scale is not the problem but your misinterpretation of the data it gives you may be.

6:40: Looks can be deceiving when it comes to health

7:10: Health can not be interpreted by our “weight”

8:10: What is inflammation and why is it important to understand?

9:15: The dangers of chronic inflammation.

10:30: What if you used the scale to help monitor inflammation rather than “weight”?

12:45: Body composition vs. body weight.

15:25: There is no point in getting on the scale if you aren’t going to be honest with yourself.

17:00: Evil device or user error?

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