When That Self-Critic Shows Up and Wants to Stay

Angela Adams

Have you ever had someone show up on your doorstep unnanounced, who just wanted to come on in and stay for a while?  I have!  In fact it happened just last week.  My self-critical brain showed up and wanted to stay for a while.  Unfortunately, I let it in.  Big mistake!  Without me realizing what was happening, that self-critic started to take charge, and before I knew it, I was convinced that everything in my life was a problem.   It took a few days to understand what was really happening, but eventually I was able to send that self-critic on its way.

Being human means we have a human brain, and one of its main jobs is to notice all problems.  This is a good thing sometimes becasue this is how it keeps us safe.  But when it wants to attack us personally, pointing out all the things  that it wants us to believe are wrong with us,  it can have the opposite affect.  

So what do you do when your own self-critic shows up and wants to stay?   In this episode I will walk you through the steps you can take to make sure that self-critic doesn't tak over when it comes for a visit.  

You will learn:

  • How to gain awareness and choose to believe what it tells you or not
  •  Take back control when it tries to take over
  • Challenge your self-critic and help it expand its perspective without judgment
  • Compassionately retrain your self-critic
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Create self-compassion when your self-critc takes over for a while

Your self-critic will show up over and over again.  But with these tools in place, you will be better equipt to not allow it to stay.  

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