How To Listen To What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

Angela Adams

Our bodies can be a wealth of information if we take the time to listen to it.  I think most of us would agree that when there is something physically going on in our bodies,  it is generally easier to listen to it.  However,  even though we can feel it, sometimes we might not really hear it. 

It’s the same thing when we are experiencing an overwhelming amount of emotions, in particular anxiety and worry.   When we experience a high level of overwhelming emotions, our body and mind feels threatened in some way.  And when this happens the tiny area at the base of our brain, called the hypothalamus, sets off an alarm system in our body.  Our brain and body have become hijacked with an overwhelming amount of emotions.  And when the alarm goes off, a surge of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released throughout your body.  And when cortisol levels rise, all the body’s energy goes into handling the perceived threat instead of doing what it is supposed to do in a normal, relaxed state, like regulating the digestive and immune systems, for instance.  When your adrenaline levels are high, your heart rate increases, your blood pressure increases, and your energy levels increases.  

Now this is a very normal reaction when you really are in a threatening situation, like being chased by a lion, for example, running for your life. 

But when the stress levels stay high in the absence of a real life or death threat, that can create anxiety and depression, as well as other mental and physical health issues.

In this episode I will teach you what your body is tryin to tell you to do  when you are in this heightened state of emotion so that you can feel relief.  And, spoiler alert, it is NOT thought work.

I reference the book "Anxiety RX"  by Dr. Russell Kennedy, which you can find here

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