081. spiritual life perspectives that get me through hard times [Tea Time Talks]

Reflecting on 25 years of life and the most helpful life perspectives I’ve learned and cultivated that have gotten me through depression, anxiety, life ending thoughts, and now are lighting the way to help me embrace the human experience as I grow my business, deepen my spiritual practice, and partner with my unique brain and body.  

Welcome to Tea Time Talks [watch this episode on youtube here]

(02:15) what is for you will not miss you

(06:10) letting go of control & find peace in uncertainty

(08:49) embracing the yin & yang of life

(13:40) PMDD, resting & responding

(19:34) living from the soul vs. the brain

(21:06) mental health first aid & building presence

(25:15) antidote for stress & complaining

(27:31) chronic nightmares & wanting to be wrong

(34:25) patience is receiving compassion from your future self

(36:13) hope & releasing resistance

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