EP. 83 Choosing Discomfort and Expanding Your Capacity To Feel Feelings

Comfort is something we all seek. The notion of “being comfortable” is highly promoted in our society. In fact, it is considered a major selling point if you are in the market to buy a bed, clothes, a pair of shoes — almost anything. But the overvaluing of comfort in our lives can come at a cost.

You’ve heard me say before that life is 50/50. Therefore, certain life events can be joyous while others are challenging and unfamiliar. If we are clinging to any form of comfort during those challenging times, we will limit our ability to adapt and grow. When comfort is the only choice, resilience and the ability to overcome adversity are lost.

If you want to stay centered and at peace, you need to stop running away from discomfort. Being uncomfortable allows us to clearly see and feel what is present when challenges occur.

So how do you embrace discomfort and expand your capacity to feel your feelings? My coach, Stacy Boehman, recently said something brilliant about this that blew my mind. I want to share it with you here so that it will also blow your mind and help you change your business to make it even better.

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