Episode 103: Opting Out of Stress w/ Brodie Welch L.Ac.

Grace & Grit LLC

Last week on the podcast I talked about this month’s theme with is “Permission to Pause” and I went into extensive detail about why I believe this topic is so important. If you missed that you might want to check it out.

My guest today, Brodie Welch, has been on the podcast before and I value her opinion and wealth of knowledge so much that I have invited her back to the show. Brodie and I cover a lot of ground in today’s podcast, including:

  • Addiction to speed and business and what it is costing us mentally and physically.
  • How to grant yourself permission and space to slow down.
  • Reworking your relationship with time.
  • How to maintain energy integrity.
  • Choosing to Opt-out of stressful living.

Click here to listen now.

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