Episode 102: The Paradox of Doing Less to Accomplish More

Grace & Grit LLC

Many women I work with think that the #1 challenge they have to improve their health is with food or exercise. While eating more nutrient-rich foods and moving their body more may indeed be a part of the solution, the root of the problem is often the speed at which they are living their life.

When we live our life at breakneck speed, piling more and more things on our ever growing to do list, we become mindless and very reactive, which is often what leads to misaligned relationships with food and exercise.

Women MUST learn how to give themselves permission to slow down and recover in such a way that they are more conscious of the decisions that they are making, or not making, in regards to their health. Awareness is the linchpin to any kind of change we are trying to make in our lives and in this episode of the podcast, I dive deep into WHY I believe improving your health should START with considering the pace at which you live and what it is really costing you.

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