Episode 035: What Taking Radical Responsibility for Your Health & Happiness REALLY Looks Like

Grace & Grit LLC

It’s very common for a new client ask (if not beg) at some point along their journey with me, “Courtney! Just tell me what to eat and I will eat it.”

To which I always say, “No, because I would be doing you a massive disservice.”

My job as a health coach is not to dictate which specific foods you can and cannot eat, my job is to educate you about the nutritional value of the foods you are choosing (and other lifestyle choices you are making) and help you become acutely aware of the physiological response your body is having to those choices.

When you pay attention to what your choices are and the consequences of those choices, you can connect the dots to what ails you more easily and, hopefully…after a face plant or 10…you will start making better choices, more consistently; and THAT is how a transformation is hatched!

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4:00: How I define my work as a health coach.

6:30: Why I don’t believe in food plans.

9:00: Why it is so important to me that my clients learn how to fish.

11:00: How I failed as a personal trainer.

15:00: How the diet and fitness industries are crushing critical thinking abilities and independence.

18:00: What it really requires to take radical responsibility for your health and happiness.

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