Episode 033: Understanding the Incredible Power of the Nervous System w/ Irene Lyon: Part 2

Grace & Grit LLC

In part two of this interview with Irene Lyon, we dive deeper into WHY it is so important to heal the nervous system in order to optimize health. In this episode, Irene explains what the Vagus nerve is, and how our early childhood experiences can impact the proper development of that nerve. Irene also dishes out advice for those wondering what simple strategies they can start implementing to heal and better care for their nervous system.

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2:20: The Vagus nerve explained and how early childhood experiences impact its development.

8:00: The power trauma has to disrupt your nervous system and ultimately your health.

10:00: The brilliance of neuroplasticity.

16:00: Why meditation is an “advanced practice”, that many people may not be ready for.

20:00: The importance of understanding the biology of stress.

24:00: Trauma is being disconnected from the present moment.

26:00: Being engaged with our body and our environment is what breeds and sustains health.

30:50: Overeating is not a product of laziness, it is a product of disconnect.

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