Episode 030: Easy Ways to Adopt a More Eco-friendly Lifestyle w/ Laura Trotta

Grace & Grit LLC

We are living in fast and furious times, making decisions without thinking about the long-term impact of those decisions, which is ultimately causing a lot of dis-ease and dysfunction not just within our bodies but within our environment.

I often tell the women I work with that their health has everything to do with them AND yet it is SO much bigger than them. And what I mean by that is that YOU are the only person who can take responsibility for the choices that affect your health, and at the same time the choices you make in regards to your health will impact so much more than just you. Your choices affect the people around you, the environment you live in and ultimately the health of our planet.

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4:10: More about Laura’s story and how she ended up developing a company dedicated to helping educate people about living a more eco- friendly lifestyle.

12:15: Eco-ceptional living defined and how to create an eco-ceptional life with ease.

14:20: The power of toxins in the environment have to disrupt your health and how you can lessen their impact.

16:10: Laura’s top 3 tips for making your life more eco-friendly.

20:15: How to garden with simplicity.

23:40: How to lessen green guilt and prioritize what is MOST important.

27:00: Tips for raising environmentally responsible children.

29:00: How grace & grit has shaped Laura’s journey.

To find out more about Laura’s signature Detox Program, the Home Detox Bootcamp go to: Home Detox Bootcamp

To find more about Laura and her mission visit: www.lauratrotta.com

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