Episode 029: Strength Training: The Secret to Metabolic Power

Grace & Grit LLC

With all that science has taught us about the metabolic power of muscle, I still meet women daily who think the best route to a healthy lean body is doing copious amounts of cardio combined with extremely low-calorie dieting. These same women are often very reluctant to strength train for fear of becoming “too bulky”.

The truth is, muscle mass isn’t all that easy to gain, ladies. To end the madness that the diet culture has perpetuated for far too many years and to improve our relationship with our body, we must change our perceptions of WHY we exercise. What if more women viewed exercise as a means to be more, rather than a never-ending struggle to be less?

Strength training can help with that…and so much more.

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3:15: Using exercise as a means to be more, rather than a never-ending struggle to be less.

7:00: Why trying to improve your health with cardio and calorie cutting initially isn’t a great idea.

9:15: Why you should know your body composition numbers.

12:00: “Use it or lose it” a very valid statement when it comes to muscle.

17:45: Why I ask clients to step away from cardio in the initial stages of their process.

20:00: Steady state cardio vs. high interval training.

27:00: Fat loss is a bi-product of health.

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